Jaya Bachchan snaps at a fan for clicking a selfie with her, calls him stupid. Watch video | bollywood | India Entertainment News

It is pretty well known that Jaya Bachchan is not one of the cooler heads in the industry when faced with bad behaviour in public and she has proven it again. The veteran actor lost her calm at a fan recently and the moment was captured on tape.

Jaya was at the Shree Mankeshwar Mandir in Mumbai on the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi when a fan started clicking her pictures. Not one to sugar coat her words, she snapped at him saying: “Don’t do this! Stupid.” She then headed straight to her car.

The actor didn’t look too well in the video and needed help walking around the temple. She shot angry glares at several other fans throughout her time there.

A few days ago, there were rumours that she got angry at a priest during Esha Deol’s baby shower. The priest was busy clicking selfies with stars rather than performing his duties. Jaya snapped at him and told him to do his job and focus on his prayers. However, according to a report in DNA, a family source has said that she asked him politely to get back to his duties.

“Firstly, she didn’t ‘snap’ at the priest. She very calmly told him to concentrate on his work. People around heard it and they were laughing, too. So, no bad blood at all.

“Having said that, let me add that Jaya is known to be extremely curt when she sees bad behaviour in public. She’d have probably given the priest a dressing-down if he had persisted with his star-struck behaviour. Luckily, he saw sense in her advice and all went well thereafter,” the source added.

Jaya has been known to get angry at media persons and fans. There are several videos of her losing her cool at public events.

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